Monthly Archives: August 2017

SUNDAY 8/6/2017

Upon completion of their travel, all attendees were offered food, drink, loving conversation and an Interfaith stole to wear with 21 different faith symbols on it.  They were greeted with...... Read More

MONDAY 8/7/2017

The first morning, after prayers and meditation, all gathered together to hear a very wise man speak.  An attitude of forgiveness hushed the room; and people wept in joy and...... Read More

TUESDAY 8/8/2017

The second morning after prayers and meditation, wisdom was shared by many avatars in 6 chambers.  Everything stopped for more food and drink and conversations.  And wisdom exchange was again...... Read More

WEDNESDAY 8/9/2017

Former strangers, now friends, woke to the sunrise to once again pray and meditate.  Important business was transacted and input was sought from all.  All were deemed equal and all...... Read More

THURSDAY 8/10/2017

The dreaded day came; soon they would head home and leave the Eden paradise which had been created.  For the final time together, they entered into prayer and meditation.  And...... Read More

Photos And More

Enjoy the pictorial review of how 260+ people from over 20 different faiths throughout North America, met for 5-days in San Diego to take the Journey to One Heart through...... Read More