The first morning, after prayers and meditation, all gathered together to hear a very wise man speak.  An attitude of forgiveness hushed the room; and people wept in joy and expectation.  More food, drink and conversation ensued.  And young people presented hope to all as they described their caring activities in their homeland.  Inter-generational relationships solidified even more as the attendees ate together and dialogued.  Then over land in Golden Chariots, everyone visited the past.  They entered the beginning of Christianity in California and then strolled through the very first town of San Diego.  In the wee hours, the Golden Chariots took them home and they went to sleep smiling again.

Azim Khamisa Inspired Everyone

Incredible NAIN Youth Scholars

Inter-generational Dialogue – “20-60 Somethings”

San Diego de Acala Mission – Christianity in California

Old Town – San Diego’s first Downtown