2017 NAIN "Connect" Conference

August 6-10 San Diego, California

Harmony - Journey to One Heart




If you will be in the San Diego area between August 6-10 and want to attend one day of the conference, a daily registration fee is available which does not include meals, gifts or transportation to conference activities. The cost per day may be paid by 8:30 AM each morning at our registration table in the UCSD Price Center Theater Lobby; Daily rates are as follows:

Monday 8/7 – $100
Tuesday 8/8 – $100;  Half day 2:30-8:30 ($50)
Wednesday 8/9 – $100;  Lunch Only $25;  Evening Pizza Celebration $25
Thursday 8/10 – $75 (half day)
Emergency information may be emailed to:
or phoned in at: 858-487-8885



This 4-day conference is FILLED with speakers, workshops, activities and celebrations to cause you to want to stay in San Diego longer.  From the Sunday Experience filled with a Bridge for Peace Ceremony, City Proclamations for Interfaith Awareness Week, incredible food, an interfaith choir and being serenaded by Karl Anthony you will go to bed very happy.

Our Monday’s morning Keynote is Speaker, Author Azim Khamisa whose story “From Murder to Forgiveness” will teach us about true Compassion & Harmony.  Meet the NAIN Youth Scholars afterwards and then, after lunch, participate in a 3-hr. Intergenerational dialogue which will bridge together young and not as young interfaith people.

Monday afternoon, keynote Monsignor Dennis Mikulanis will show us how Christianity began in California at the San Diego de Acala Mission and then you will be whisked away to Old Town to explore the historic and entertaining district of San Diego as it first was: Wells Fargo Wagon, Mariachi bands, Old Candy Store, Souvenir Shops and much more.

Tuesday morning will be filled with at least 12 faith workshops and from 1 to 9pm you will hear from Mormon Speakers at their historic cathedral, New Thought, Jewish and Sikh keynotes including attending a Sikh dinner and cultural performance.

After 6 more workshops Wednesday morning, lunch will include a program with keynote Imam Taha Hassane called “Evangelical/Islam & Interfaith” which will give you a deeper hope for peace between faiths.  A celebration will happen afterwards at Balboa Park which will include, touring historic sites, eating, singing, laughing and dancing into the night. There will be performances by the House of Columbia, Dances for Universal Peace with Mansur Richard Conviser and his dance group. We will also have fabulous songs from INTERFAITH: The Musical, created by Ruth Broyde Sharone, performed by Temple Adat Shalom choir and directed by Cantor Lori Frank.

Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon and a panel of Clergy working for Social Justice will discuss “The Tension Between Harmony & Justice on Thursday morning/ There will be a presentation from the 2018 NAIN Host City, Edmonton, Canada and a Closing Ceremony.  It will be a wonderful conclusion to a fabulous week.

Speakers /Times & Titles


(Does not include afternoon & evening keynote speakers)

MONDAY – Theater – 8:30 Azim Khamisa, 10:30 NAIN Youth Scholars, 12:00 Intergenerational Dialogue


#1 – 8:30 am Theater – Lakshmi Sukumar (Hindu), Christina Tillitson (New Thought),  Beth Johnson (Unitarian

 Universalist), Devra Gregory (Wiccan)  – Harmony Through Women Clergy

#2 – 8:30 Rm. #1 – PP – J. Cody Nielsen – Trumped and Scared: Responding to the needs of Marginalized

Religious Identities During Times of Political Uncertainty

#3 – 8:30 Rm. #2 – PP – Gilbert Friend Jones – From Dissonance to Harmony: Jesus as a Bridge Between Faiths

PP – Ronit Gabay – Compassionate Living

#4 – 8:30 Rm. #3 – PP – Deborah Mech – Spiritual Diversity in Education

#5 – 8:30 Rm. #4 – PP – Michael Painter – Analysis or Synthesis in the Interfaith Experience

Maneck Bhujwala – ZoroastrianPromoting Harmony Within and Between Faiths

#6 – 8:30 Rm. #5 – Becca Taylor, Rev Cheri Metier, Steve Rivera – Faith Works: In Political Arenas


#7 – 10:30 am Theater –Maaz Bajwa (Ahmadayya), Laura Johnson Kohl (Quaker), Julia Adame (Baha’i), Kokila Doshi (Jain), –  Harmony: Making It Happen

#8 – 10:30 Rm. #1 – Rhonda Mason, Alan Bachman, Andalin Bachman – Harmony Above and Below

#9 – 10:30 Rm. #2 –  PP – Joseph Prabhu, Swami Atmatattwananda, Debrah Friedland, & Laura Lafoia Ava-Testimale, Ruth Broyde Sharon – Inclusivity: Expanding Your City’s Role in Interfaith Engagement

#10 – 10:30 Rm. #3 – David Fekete – E Pluribus Unum: Plurity not Sameness – Spiritually, Socially & Politically

Robyn Lebron – Is Interfaith Becoming Just Another Religion?

#11 – 10:30 Rm. #4 – PP – Vicki Garlock – Creation Stories for Kids from Various Cultures & Traditions

   Interfaith Education for Kids: Why We Need It and How to Do It

#12 – 10:30 Rm. #5 – PP – Judy Lee Trautman – Harmony as a Response to Local Hate Incidents

 Gard Jameson – Camp Anytown: Reducing Prejudice, Bias & Bigotry


(8:45 – 10:00 Theater NAIN Business Session followed by Brian Farr & Alan Bachman: Toward a Global Morality of Community and Peace) PP

#13 – 10:30 am Theater – Shareda Hosein & Ruth Broyde Sharone, Eileen, Epperson – How to Engage the Elephant in the Room: A  Female Approach to Difficult Interfaith/Intra-faith Conversations (for Men & Women)

#14 – 10:30 Rm. #1 – Linda Groff – Crossing Boundaries: Spiritual Journeys in Search of the Sacred

#15 – 10:30 Rm. #2 – Sari Heidenreich, Ardey Turner, Johnny Martin, – Breaking Down the Walls Around Interfaith

#16 – 10:30 Rm. #3 – Robert Wertz – Indoor/Outdoor Labrinth Experience

#17 – 10:30 Rm. #4 – Andre van Zijl & Rev. Debrah Daya Friedland-VanZyl – Art & Poetry as a Means for Creating Sacred Interspiritual Community

#18 – 10:30 Rm. #5 – Bettina Gray and Kay LindhalFaith in Action:  Interfaith Community Building in Today’s                             North America


#19 – 8:30 am Theater – Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon & PanelThe Tension Between Harmony and Justice –      Rev. Penny Bridges, Rabbi Devorah Marcus, Fayaz Nawabi, Bijan Zayer


University of California San Diego




Donate so others may benefit from your good will.

Young Adult Scholarships

Open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 who is currently involved in some form of interfaith or other social justice work.  Scholarship recipients receive a $500 stipend to attend the annual NAINConnect conference, which will take place this year from August 6-10, 2017 in San Diego.  A reduced registration fee is available for young adults, ($199 for 4 days) which will come out of the final scholarship award of $500.  The remainder of the scholarship fees can be used to help reduce the flight costs to attend the NAINConnect.

If you wish to apply click: Young Adult Scholarships

Young Interfaith Leaders

Gateway to San Diego

NAIN 2017 Conference

San Diego International Airport has direct flights from numerous cities within Mexico, Canada as well as the United States.  Shuttles and taxis from the Airport to the UCSD campus are available all times of the day and the planning committee has partnered with to get discounted transportation rates for conference attendees who use the code “NAIN2017” when they call   More information is available upon registration.

The campus is only 5 minutes from the La Jolla beaches and the Pacific Ocean.  Scenic Views are available almost everywhere.  It is centrally located and easily accessed from the San Diego airport 15 miles south of UCSD.  For those preferring hotel accommodations, a number of hotels are within a few minutes’ drive of UCSD.  Hotels may be able to provide shuttles to the UCSD Price Center; ask before you register.

University of California SD

The conference will be held at the Price Center at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) which is on the border with La Jolla California.  The NAIN conference committee has chosen UCSD apartments which can accommodate the out-of-town attendees within a 10-minute walk from the location of the conference. Rooms will come with breakfast on campus.  All other meals are included as part of the 4-day conference program.  If you are driving in, a dashboard sticker will be issued to you upon registration.

Book On-Campus Housing

Onsite Dining


There is a Food Court on the first floor of the Price Center where our conference will be held which has a variety of vendors.  They are: Expresso Roma, Bombay Coast, Round Table Pizza, Croutons, Shogun, Subway, Tapioca Express, Panda Express, Yogurt World, Rubio’s Mexican, Santorini Greek.  Any time you need a “Harmony Break” due to the extent of wonderful activities at the conference, there are lounges, outdoor patios, comfortable couches and chairs, cafes, and a place to purchase convenience items.

Within a half mile or so of the campus there are dozens of restaurants including: Foodworx, Pizza – Red Apple, Sandwiches/Subs – Burger King, Fast Food – Bistro at the Strand, Asian – James’ Place, Japanese Sushi – Art of Expresso, Coffee – Yummy Maki Yummy Box, Asian – Domino’s, Fast Food Pizza – International Market Grill, Middle Eastern – BJ’s Restaurant, American Pizza Pub Food – Flame Broiler, Asian – Humphrey’s La Jolla Grill, Seafood – Shooter’s Bar & Grill, American – Sprinkles Cupcakes, Bakery Dessert – TGI Friday’s, American – Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Coffee – Red Sambusas & Catering, African – USCD Farmers Market – Che Café, Vegetarian – Café Espresso Roma, Coffee – Pick Up Stix, Asian – Rock Bottom Restaurant, American Burgers Steakhouse – Pho La Jolla, Vitnamese Sandwiches/Subs – Elijah’s Restaurant, Sandwiches/Subs Breakfast American and many more.

San Diego Attractions

San Diego, California is a well-known vacation, resort city with many attractions to draw people to it.  From its many beaches to its many family venues, it is a place where families come to vacation.  Beyond the vacation-like atmosphere, there is a plethora of interfaith points of interest which this Connect will involve itself with.  We anticipate that either days before the conference or days after, or both, many Connect attendees may wish to spend more time with their families enjoying the many sites.  Please note, hotel rooms, especially during the summer months in San Diego, can run upwards of $200 – $300 dollars per night.  This is why we chose a University campus to house our Connect attendees.

San Diego



Event Presenters

Reverend Dr. Stephen Albert
Conference Chair
New Thought Minister, Speaker, Author of 16 books
Reverend Dr. Abigail Albert
Conference Co-Chair
New Thought Minister, Speaker, Author
Azim Khamisa
Author of 3 Books, Teaches Principles of Non-Violence
Rev. Christian Sorensen
Author, Spiritual Leader of Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, CA
The Very Reverend Monsignor Dennis L. Mikulanis

Author and Spiritual Leader of San Rafael Catholic Church

Sari Heidenreich
North American Regional Coordinator for United Religions Initiative
Imam/Director of the Islamic Center of San Diego
Toshiko Modesitt
Member of Women’s Federation for World Peace USA, Bridge of Peace Coordinator
Karl Anthony
Life liberating concerts and social action contributions around the world



Follow the Golden Rule, it exists in ALL Faith Traditions

Dedicated to increasing the dialogue between people of all faiths so as to bring a heightened awareness of how similar people are to others from different faiths and to increase the trust between people and create a greater peace in the world.

We are here to honor all faith paths, celebrate humanity’s oneness, to educate the public about the world’s religions and to sow the seeds of peace, kindness and cooperation throughout the world.