Upon completion of their travel, all attendees were offered food, drink, loving conversation and an Interfaith stole to wear with 21 different faith symbols on it.  They were greeted with a flower and a welcoming bridging ceremony; some wept in joy.  They were escorted through the hallway to the dining hall and they felt included.  The indigenous leaders prayed for peace for all of them and government leaders came forth with proclamations agreeing to treat all people equally.  A wonderful dinner was served and all appetites were quenched.

Then a Choir of Angels descended into the room and sang songs of peace to everyone;  a fabulous troubadour caused everyone to sing and dance and laugh together and everyone went to sleep smiling with full tummies and hope for the future.

Guadalajara Attendees w/ Planning Group

Opening Blessing by Native Americans

San Diego Interfaith Choir

Audience Dancing with Karl Anthony