The second morning after prayers and meditation, wisdom was shared by many avatars in 6 chambers.  Everything stopped for more food and drink and conversations.  And wisdom exchange was again shared by others in 6 chambers.  Food was bountiful and tummies were full as the attendees climbed aboard the Golden Chariots.  And then “OOHS” and “AAHS” were heard as the Temple Spires appeared in the blue skies.  Again, the Golden Chariots whisked everyone to a new spiritual home where they were welcomed by ancient wisdom in many different forms.  A feast ensued followed by more wisdom and the playful dance of youth, music and colorful turbans.  The festivities continued with music and cold dessert topped with an array of delicious toppings.  And the Golden Chariots whisked them home to enjoy a restful night, smiling in their dreams.

Beautiful San Diego Mormon Temple

Exciting Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen

Loving Rabbi/Cantor Gabi Arad

Sikh Youth & Turbans for Attendees – FUN!

Dr. Jazwinder Bath & Sikh Dinner & Cultural Performance

Sikh Dancers on Stage & Attendees Dancing off Stage