Former strangers, now friends, woke to the sunrise to once again pray and meditate.  Important business was transacted and input was sought from all.  All were deemed equal and all opinions were sought.  And once again, everyone enjoyed additional food and drink and conversation.  6 more chambers of wisdom exchanges occurred and the energy levels remained high.  Once again, the Golden Chariots became filled with elation as attendees boarded them.  More food and drink was served as two previously thought warring factions embraced each other.  Love and the possibility of unending peace wafted through the room as everyone cheered.  And back to the Golden Chariots strolled friends arm-in-arm knowing that their future was secure.  But what was left to do?      CELEBRATE!

Debarking the Golden Chariots in the park setting surrounded by many cultural cottages, the air was fresh and the sun warm.  So much to see and do.  Food appeared and was shared by everyone.  The announcement was made and joyful entertainment appeared.  Columbia music and dancing; The broadway-bound “Interfaith: The Musical” with choir appeared; And then…The attendees were transformed into 60’s flower children and danced together to Universal Peace.  No One Wanted to Leave!  But leave they did, back onto the Golden Chariots and back into soft beds, the music still in their head.

Evangelical Rev. Dr. Rick Love, New Thought Rev. Dr. Stephen Albert and Imam Taha Hassane – Wonderful Lunch & Discussion

House of Columbia – Brother & Sister Entertainers

“INTERFAITH: The Musical created by Ruth Broyde Sharone and performed by Cantor Lori Frank and the Adat Shalom Choir

Attendees Doing Dances of Universal Peace in after Pizza Party in front of Balboa Park’s International Cottages

Golden Chariots Will Be Remembered!