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The members of the Poway Interfaith Team are from diverse faith traditions within and outside Poway. We all are committed to our Mission Statement and continue to seek new and unique ways to educate and serve the community.

We believe diverse faith traditions in our communities add to the richness of life. When we meet and learn more about those who have faith traditions other than our own, we find many more similarities than differences. For example, every faith tradition’s holy books teach something similar to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We support a culture of interfaith dialogue and Inter-Religious cooperation as a way of life in all communities throughout the San Diego region.

Open Letter From POINT on Racial Justice



 To consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship.

To increase community awareness and understanding of different faith traditions.

To stand with all faiths for human rights and justice

POINT Interfaith Team is committed to our Mission Statement above.  Although the statement below has been reviewed by Representatives of POINT, it is not permitted for some of our faith communities to make official statements outside of their denominations.

POINT Interfaith Team members are heartbroken about the numerous and continued killings of unarmed black persons by law enforcement officers. The killing of George Floyd and so many others is a horrific reminder that racism continues to have a stranglehold on our justice systems and prevents our nation from fully being the “land of the free”. We acknowledge that most law enforcement officers act in accordance with their pledge to “protect and serve” all people.

We stand with and support BLACK LIVES MATTER. We urge people of faith to vote for officials who have a record of being anti-racist, not simply “non-racist”. Elect those who work towards true reconciliation.

As people of faith, we honor the holy creation of all people, all races, creeds, genders, and spiritual paths. Sacred texts promote peace with justice and therefore we call for serious movement towards peacekeeping over policing. Investing in community programs, education, healthcare and the like reduce crime and strengthen communities.  We exhort each person to examine their own bias, attitude and assumptions and act in ways aligning with the values and ideals they hold sacred. No one can truthfully say “all lives matter” until Black Lives Matter. We are one Human Family and all major faith traditions proclaim, “The Golden Rule”.

POINT Interfaith Team Faith Leaders are dedicated to educating about the historic faith traditions and the dignity of all people. We encourage people to seek out anti-racism events and classes that raise community awareness and move towards justice. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on such activities.

We pray our nation demands humane treatment for all people regardless of race, nationality, faith, or creed.

We pray the leaders in all structures and institutions dig deep and promote equality and justice in all they do.

Praying for just peace,

Rev. Cheri Metier, President, POINT Interfaith Team

Rev. Dr. Abigail Albert, Executive Director, POINT Interfaith Team

POINT Interfaith Team (20 Faith Organizations, 2 Interfaith Organizations, 8 Individual Members)

Meeting Time

We meet the second Thursday of each month at a different Faith Location unless it interferes with a Holy Day. All are welcome to attend.

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Office location:
17762 St. Andrews Dr.
Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-487-8885


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